Hello and thanks for choosing Mr. Clean DJ as your source for clean music and entertainment. First I would like to point out that while all DJ's may play clean music, from time to time, not all DJ's play clean music only. 

Let me ask you a question; have you ever been to a family gathering like a wedding, or family reunion, where there is a mix of people all ages? If there is a DJ present, he is usually playing all old-school, or all young rap or pop tunes. Have you ever seen what happens when a DJ plays the explicit version of Wipe Me Down at your uncle's wedding? Well, I have, and let me tell you; the faces you see are priceless. People are usually uncomfortable as they try to act civil and dance at the same time.

Hiring a DJ that specializes in clean music takes the worry out of your celebration experience. Everyone can dance, laugh and enjoy your special day without worrying if you are offending your family and guests. 

So the next time you are looking for a DJ, hire a clean DJ; better yet, hire Mr. Clean DJ.

-OT Griffin  (mrcleandj.com)

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